About Atlantic Caseworks

Atlantic Commercial Caseworks (ACC) is a leading regional manufacturer of commercial cabinets and custom architectural millwork. Based in a 46,000 square foot facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, we manufacture and install products to meet the breadth of millwork scope required for a diverse range of customers and markets.

From high-volume casework to high-profile custom woodwork, we have the necessary capabilities to provide quality products for the smallest of upfits to the large new construction projects. ACC is a participant in the AWI Quality Certification Program, and is certified for premium grade work, including Trim, Architectural Cabinets, Paneling, Modular Cabinets, Finishing, & Installation.

Our goal is to be the most customer-oriented and most reliable millwork provider in our markets. Our company values and culture are what set us apart from the traditional millwork provider. To reach our goal we utilize in-house engineering resources for shop drawings or design involvement, and we have implemented proprietary software and streamlined processes to manage a large number of complex projects and minimize our production lead-times. We also employ multiple install teams to control the quality and timing of our product installation.

In traditional environments, you might sacrifice cost to get quality and reliability. We believe you can achieve all three by eliminating waste (MUDA) from the project management and production processes. Our management background in lean manufacturing serves as a foundation for our focus on continuous improvement and our ability to be competitive with a high-quality product.

Our Capabilities